Posted By Raj Singh on 09/23/2017 in Community

Baby I don't need $ Bills to have fun tonight!

Baby I don't need $ Bills to have fun tonight!

Here's how to have a rich, fun time without spending too much.

We often associate having fun with spending a lot of dollar bills, but that doesn't have to be the case. To be truthful, money does get you more in the way of options. But having fun depends on more than just the amount of money in your wallet. It depends on what you're doing, who you're with, where you are, your current mood and more. Money is only the icing on the cake.

If you're bored and the wallet isn't so happy either, here a few options you can try to have a splendid time.

Note: All our ideas involve you and your friends, basing on our assumption that you might derive more happiness from spending time with them.

Go bowling

This is a more traditional option you've probably tried already. It's not that expensive, which earns it a place on our list. There are also lots of bowling places in many cities, so it shouldn't be hard to plan for. You can spruce the game up by betting against each other's wins and losses. Just make sure you inform your friends early on to avoid delays.

Organize a game night

Game night should already be on your list of fun activities. The best part? It doesn't require lots of money to set up. Monopoly, cards, poker or good ol' truth or dare should set you up just fine for the night. For the slightly advanced, board games, RPG, video games, the list can go on.

Organize a movie watching binge

A whole day or night of harmless binge movie watching is the perfect idea for a non expensive fun activity, especially if you and your friends are film fans. The best idea here is to watch a movie and its subsequent sequels, most preferably a long forgotten movie that no one will remember almost immediately. When planning, ask for suggestions from your friends on the movies you should choose.

Visit the public library

Most public libraries have a great collection of books, newspapers and films that you can get exclusive access to with a simple library card or payment. Some libraries also host events in their spaces. Take time off and visit your nearest library for a refreshing read or look around.

Do a cook-a-thon

If you love cooking, this will be perfect for you. All you have to do is get a collection of great recipes and invite your friends over to cook with you. Make sure to invite male friends too (especially those that can't cook) and prepare a fitting kind of prize for the winner. You can do it in an open place like a lawn and play some music for more fun.

There's lots more activities to choose from for a fun and exciting day or night, and neither require a hefty bank allowance to enjoy. Nature hikes, rock climbing (please stay safe) bird watching, a basketball match in your backyard... Can you name a few things you do which cost little or nothing?

Remember, money is just the icing on the cake. Good luck!