Posted By Raj Singh on 01/23/2018 in Technology

CES 2018's Tech Innovations That Will Drive 2018 Wild

CES 2018's Tech Innovations That Will Drive 2018 Wild

If all of the inventions displayed at this year's CES were to be released within 2018, our world would change drastically. What else can we say about talking toilets and refrigerators that do/fold laundry? Or the Spartan men’s boxers that block radiation from cell phones and laptops? Everyone would have a drone and a VR headset, that's for sure.

CES always brings out the weird, unusual and crazy in tech, but we can't help being too surprised at some of this year's specials.

We did see a number of gadgets that are going to disrupt 2018 when released into stores by year's end. Some of our picks are listed below.

L’Oreal’s UV Sense

L’Oreal is going beyond lipstick and eyeliner with this new gadget, a small stone like device that is fitted on a finger nail to detect the immediate environment's humidity, temperature and pollen levels, among other natural conditions. 

Users will be able to detect whether or not they need extra clothing or make-up before leaving home when the device connects to an app on the phone through NFC sharing. And since it's L'Oréal we're talking about, they had their device designed like a beauty accessory to compliment one's daily look.

This device is going to make detecting ‘fertile days’ even simpler. To use, the owner leaves a drop of their saliva on a tube shaped like a lipstick case, which is then attached to a smart phone camera. As the saliva dries, the camera light reflects on it to reveal the dried luteinizing hormone(the hormone that signifies ovulation) that’s been left behind. The makers have promised a June 2018 release date and a price range of $80 - $100.

Hip ‘n’ Air

Seniors everywhere are going to be excited when this lovely device debuts on the market in March 2018. This one is created for safety and is particularly my favourite. 

Designed like a belt with inflatable hips on each side, Hip ‘n’ Air by Helite automatically inflates when a senior falls, much like an airbag during an accident, thereby preventing hip damage.

Willow wearable breast pump

The Willow breast pump made headlines at CES last year and was back on show this year, better and improved. It still follows the same methodology of use though. Busy mothers can slip the tiny pump into their shirts from anywhere (even at work!) without attracting any attention. Once released this pump is expected to become really popular with working mothers around the world.


Imagine having to take a robot to bed to help you sleep. There are millions of people around the world suffering with sleep related ailments, and Somnox is a robot that's been designed to make that possible. This bean shaped pillow-like robot helps you sleep better by helping you relax and slowing your breathing, according to the makers, who've also promised a September release date and a $500-600 price range. You can also choose a lullaby or heartbeat sounds from its library to sleep enhancing sounds to guide you to the other side. Isn't that cool?

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