Posted By Raj Singh on 12/19/2017 in Technology

Excitement! Honda is rolling out four new robots at 2018 CES.

Excitement! Honda is rolling out four new robots at 2018 CES.

Imagine riding over tough terrain in a self-driving, AI powered ATV in Nova Scotia. Or being comforted by the happy-smiley face of a robot on a bad day. All that could just about happen in the near future, according to Japanese car maker Honda.

We have been recently talking about how robotics are taking over the shaping of the future era. But as more and more companies are invested in the development of robots and robotic machines, the future for our generations to come can’t get more inviting!

The annual International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is always an eagerly anticipated affair, but 2018’s edition is bound to be even more interesting than the rest, following Honda’s reveal that it will be showcasing its latest robotic innovation instead of another car model. Dubbed the 3E Robotics Concept (got from Empowerment, Experience and Empathy), this latest innovation is comprised of four, unique robots, all created to perform specific functions.

To the human eye, at first sight, they’re just not your ideal robots. All four could be mistaken for small toys, according to press photos released by the company. But all four come fitted with smart technology to make life easier for their users.

The first, named the 3E-A18 is a small robot that’s been fitted with the ability to respond to human expressions with its own, intuitive facial expressions. It’s a very insightful companion of sorts, the kind one can walk around with for emotional support. Just like you see in the movies.

The second, dubbed the 3E-B18, is an automated chair unlike the motorized wheel chairs common today, that’s designed for both outdoor and indoor transportation. This is very promising to our generation in our later years.

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Both the 3E-C18 and the 3E-D18 are designed to look like cars; the C18 is designed to carry cargo and other tasks while the D18 is an autonomous ATV, fully powered by artificial intelligence to think on its own.

The 3E Robotics Challenge cements Honda’s determination to shake up the AI space, following its release of similar technology in the past – the Asimo robot and the Uni-Cub unicycle.

In a statement, the car maker states that all its robots are designed to ease a societal need. The robots, especially the self-driving cars, also further the belief that Honda is not getting left behind by the growing trend of self-driving car manufacturing and testing, and will probably start testing its own self-driving car very soon.

Robots are all the rage right now across the developed world, and manufacturers are betting on their popularity to produce more and predict a boom in the coming years. Advancements in AI continue to make robotic developments more possible; Honda’s robots are a clear example of that.

To get a clear view of these robots, grab your ticket to next year’s CES conference as early as possible. The 2018 CES will take place starting January 9-12 in Nevada, Las Vegas, and will feature over 200 sessions consisting of exhibitions and live discussions with major industry leaders and personalities. The event draws the biggest names in technology, design and manufacturing, all of whom showcase their latest innovations to the public for the first time.

Along with the 3E Robotics Concept, Honda will be also be unveiling its new Mobile Power Pack World – a portable power pack designed specifically for EVs, but strong enough to power a whole home in case of a power outage.