Posted By Raj Singh on 09/09/2017 in Economy

Roar On... "Make in India" – The Lion Steps Forward

Roar On...

When PM Modi launched the Make in India campaign in 2014, he was dreaming of a country that no Indian wanted to leave to look for bigger opportunities in better places. He was dreaming of a global manufacturing hub where Indian companies shined as MNCs, where every industry flourished. 

With this aim in mind, the campaign was born on 25th September, in New Delhi, in the presence of top CEOs (40 of them) from Fortune 500 companies (including the likes of Mukesh Ambani, Azim Premji, KM Birla), along with international leaders of different industries, ministers and other government officials.That’s all impressive, but what does the campaign really do? 

It’s essentially a national program calling business investors around the world, encouraging them to invest in India. Modi said in his speech on the campaign that he believes that India is filled with talent, skill, discipline and this is what makes our country a favorable platform for businesses to grow rapidly. He is determined to have every investor thrilled to explore opportunities in India. He says, “Sell in any country of the world…but manufacture in India.”

There are 25 different sectors that come under this program and jobs and skill enhancement will be created in these sectors, some of which are automobiles, textile, tourism, renewable energy, construction and pharmaceuticals. The logo of Make in India is a massive lion, inspired by the national emblem, standing proudly for progress, wisdom, courage and strength – truly deserving of an endeavor such as this.

The government is taking steps to make the process as smooth for potential investors – an “Invest India” cell has been set up to guide interested investors through policies and regulatory issues, even offering to assist them from the time they land in India until they depart. A dedicated team is prompt (72 hours) in answering any queries investors may have, on

Here are the key highlights of the Make in India program:

  • Encourage more potential investors by assisting their venture into India, making it as smooth and hassle-free as possible through the Invest India cell.
  • Ensure faster security clearance (within 3 months) through an online e-biz portal for all central government services.
  • A web portal has been set up to answer business queries in under 72 hours on
  • Visitors on the website are followed up with relevant information and tracked for location and interest.
  • Various policies and laws have been eased and validity of the industrial license has been extended up to three years.

The ultimate goal of this program, says Modi, is to pull people out of poverty into productivity. And he’s right – India needs investors around the world to expand the various industries, create employment, enhance expertise and ultimately aid the country’s chase towards progression and development.

Sounds ambitious, doesn’t it? It is! And that’s exactly what India needs. With a determined, goal-oriented, no-nonsense leader like Modi, I do believe that we’re going to go places.

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