Posted By Raj Singh on 08/31/2017 in Business

Starting a home based business can be intimidating but....

Starting a home based business can be intimidating but....

7 Marketing Hacks for a Home Based Business

A large percent of small businesses in Canada is surprisingly home-based. A good part of them are desi businesses. People don’t like the hassle of going from one place to another and just make money from the comfort of their home. Starting a home-based business is good especially for people who can come up with business ideas that can turn into something big. With the proper knowledge, right connection, smart working and marketing skills, who wouldn’t succeed right?

A friend once told me, “Patience is a virtue.” It’s a phrase we can see everywhere but never gets old. It sounds easy but difficult when applied. Patience is one attribute we need when starting a home-based business. Aside from the fact that you don’t need a big capital, you also get to meet different people with less effort, add up the being flexible and the privilege of choosing your own preferred schedule.

Fortunately, there are simple and affordable tips to increase sales at home. Let me tell share some of the marketing tips you can try:

1. Create a professional and relevant website. A website that’s significant to the product you chose is something you need. Create an attractive and a perfect heading to catch potential customers attention. Choose widgets that are easy to navigate, avoid making complex layouts, market your products with images, create a comment section, or a question and answer page. 

A professional website will make your customers feel that you are a legit and legal seller. Including a fine print and contact us section is a plus too. When it comes to professional web designing, are you making these mistakes?

2. Utilize social media networking. Taking advantage of social media networking is something to consider. Utilize social media networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There are some of the famous ones that can help your business grow. Aside from the fact that they offer free services, they make sure to help a business owner reach people around the world with less effort. No more knocking on doors and verbal abuse from people who don't like what you offer. It’s affordable, simple and less traumatic. It’s social!

3. Network, network, network. Grow your social outreach and promote Interaction. Answering every comment is very important. Making the customers feel that they are important is a plus. There’s a 100% chance that they will tell a friend how they were accommodated, and that friend will tell another friend and that will add more visitors and potential clients. There are some people who tag a friend about a product they see they think their friend need, commenting with product description and price is something that will make them buy it or at least check it out for a closer look.

4. Write BlogsCreating a blog that showcases you, the business owner, your products, customer’s reviews or any relevant article is a clever move. It is one way to gain trust of prospective buyers because your blog on your product reflects your expertise on it. It’s also a short compilation of the business' milestone, hardships, challenges, triumphs and more.

5. List your business in online directories. This is very important. Create a name that people search when finding a certain product or at least create a short and simple description that will make your business name appear when people search. Being included in the top picks will increase potential clients and visitors, try Google Directories. Or give us a try, Seek Sally will tell you why, and double your ROI! Oh boy, that is poetic…

6. Showcase with the best images and creative videos. Adding images and videos with short but complete description will entice potential buyers to check other products they don’t have any plans buying but end up purchasing them.

7. Take advantage of online and offline marketing. Online marketing is all about utilizing social media networking sites, creating news letter, blogs and adding your business to online directories. Taking advantage of offline marketing is a good idea too. Try joining scheduled bazaars in festivals by renting a small cart, or adding up your business in traditional yellow pages too. This way, people who don’t use social media can also reach you as well. Try creating inexpensive poster or flyers with your business name, contact number, and email address. Online marketing or offline? Read this article.

What hacks do you use to take your small home business / micro business off the ground to the next level?