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Stop surrendering your life to back pain!

Stop surrendering your life to back pain!

Based on Annals of Rheumatic Diseases 10% of Americans suffers from lower back pain and is considered as one of the world’s main cause of disability especially for the elderly and working individuals. It is also said that almost 100 million Americans suffers from chronic pain which causes decreased productivity and incur medical costs more than $600 which is larger than any other diseases such as cancer. But the real question is what causes back pain?

10 Warning SignsPain is categorized based on a definite period of time; it can be chronic or acute. Chronic is the feeling of experiencing pain that goes beyond 6 months or more while acute pain is the one that you recently experienced or in less than 3 months which is experienced by estimated 20% of the population.

There are several reasons why people experience back pain, it can be either muscle or ligament sprain, longer periods of improper posture, trauma or fall due to heavy lifting etc., but the most common cause of back pain are trauma and muscle sprains.

One of the special considerations to note with patients with back pain trauma is the healing process. Aside from the pain that they experienced on the onset, the healing process might hurt as well because of their chosen therapy or worst, surgical operation but that doesn’t mean that surrendering their life to back pain forever. Whereas muscle sprain or imbalances covers the misalignment of joints and ligaments to the muscles, which causes more pain due to increased muscle lacerations. Usually people who experience low back pain complains of not being able to stand up straight, experience 10/10 radiating pain in the upper or lower extremities which varies depends on the damage.

There’s also what we call the “Spinal Disc Herniation”, also known as a slipped disc, is a medical condition affecting the spine in which a tear in the ring of an disc allows the soft, central portion to bulge out beyond the damaged outer rings. People who experience loss of bowel movement or numbness on lower extremities needs urgent medical assistance to avoid long term paralysis; you can check Back Pain Emergency for more information.

Usually doctors prescribe or give pain medications and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID’s) for temporary relief. Non-pharmacological interventions include immobilization, warm compress or hot packs and therapeutic exercises. Chiropractors are usually the best ones to go to if these interventions are not considered effective. Chiropractors mainly rely on spinal manipulation and therapeutic exercises, letting the body heal itself. Surgical intervention is always the last resort; it’s never a must not unless needed. Patience and family support increases the chance of success for patients who suffer from acute back pain.

T 7 Day Curehe usual problem with traditional treatment is that they never focus on lessening the inflammation or treating the root cause but on the symptoms such as relieving the pain by giving oral or intravenous medications. 

People who experience low back pain for more than 24-48 hours are advised to seek medical attention for proper management and prevent any serious problems in the future. 

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Applying ice packs for the first 24 hours and warm compress for the next 24 hours temporary relieves the pain but there are people who seek other interventions such as Trigger Point Therapy and Inversion Therapy. Down below, Steve explains this 2000 year old remedy for back pains, Inversion Therapy.

Inversion therapy, from the word itself, they will invert the patient upside down to shift gravity and promote proper body posture which is not really considered safe for some but proven effective to cure back pain and increase flexibility. It can cause several complications to some patients plus it uses a table where they strap you into it then invert it. Usually it takes more or less than eight weeks to experience relief. 5 Worst Foods for Arthritis

Lots of celebrities suffers from chronic back pain due to trauma or long severe muscle sprain like George Clooney, Jackie Chan and a whole lot of others. Like them, surrendering to back pain is never an option. Yes, there may be times when they almost felt like giving up but because of the help and support of their families and friends they were able to conquer the pain and continue to fight back pain and live normally like other people.