Posted By Raj Singh on 01/28/2018 in Technology

The Top Smart Devices That Rolled out of CES 2018

The Top Smart Devices That Rolled out of CES 2018

The world is going to become increasingly smart if any of the gadgets displayed at CES 2018 are to go by. This year’s convention covered everything – from the amazing to the wild and the unrealistic – but it remains to be seen whether any of them will become popular with masses when released.

Sure there were wondrous television sets and thinner-than-ever-before laptop computers, but we saw some other really cool smart gadgets at CES 2018 that we knew would grab your attention. And here’s the best part - some of them are going on sale as early as March 2018!

The ThinQ refrigerator

LG made a splash at CES 2018 with amazing gizmos in every category, but this refrigerator still stands out for its innovativeness. Designed to function like a normal refrigerator (on which you post reminders and homework), it bears a 29 inch touch screen and becomes transparent when tapped twice to reveal what’s inside. Users are going to love it even more for its Amazon Alexa integration, if not for its real time notifications of expired food and wide angle inner camera! 

Here is a review of ThinQ by CNET TV

The Aibo robot

More than 10 years after being discontinued, the Aibo companion robot dog is making a much anticipated comeback. Sony has made sure Aibo is charming enough by fitting it with a microphone that can pick up voice commands, a camera that can identify the owner’s environment and more than 20 realistic-looking dog body parts (including those wide eyes!)

The Wall

Samsung wasn’t left far behind in the ‘innovative genius’ category, and its CES reveal ‘The Wall’ is a testament to that. The Wall is basically a TV wide enough to cover a section of wall at 146 inches. What’s more genius is that a section of it can be left to work as a TV screen while the rest blends into the background design of the wall.

The CX-1 autonomous carry-on bag

This is just a prototype so far from ForwardX Robotics but it still grabs all the attention. Fitted with motorized wheels, the bag doesn’t need to be pulled. It carries itself along and can avoid obstacles in its way, courtesy of a fitted camera. It also comes with a wristband for tracking it in crowded locations.

The Byton car

Treading all-too dangerously in Faraday Futures’ footsteps, Byton was the new all electric car making waves at CES 2018. There’s something sleek about its exterior, while its dashboard is completely re-imagined with a wide screen that offers access to a multitude of apps and connects directly to a smart phone. 

The Byton Car won’t be coming till late 2019, when it's "time to be", but it already feels worth the $45,000 it will be priced at. 

NuCalm’s ReNu

NuCalm’s latest invention made CES 2018 all the more interesting. Who wouldn’t love to get 3hours worth of sleep in under 20 minutes? NuCalm’s ReNu is the device that promises to make that possible. According to the makers, it provides deep relaxation and turns down our always vigilant instincts, triggering sleep thereafter.


This flash-like device is especially perfect for anyone with chronic forgetfulness. It uses AI to track the owner’s day to day activities and then reminds them when something is left behind, such as when one forgets their passport before a flight they’d booked earlier.

There was Foldimate, the fridge-like device that folds your laundry, a talking toilet, Lenovo’s Smart Display and more out-of this world tech at CES 2018. Check out more of our CES 2018 gadget review in our article titled “CES 2018’s tech innovations that will drive 2018 wild”