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Tushar Unadkat - The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Tushar Unadkat - The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Within the South Asian community of Canada, one name rings a bell. Tushar Unadkat. To many, he is a symbol of ultimate triumph for an immigrant in a Western country. And there’s more where that comes from, but that’s just one of the few things that explains why he is so popular and looked up for inspiration.

When Tushar Unadkat was finally awarded the Trailblazer Award by the ReelWorld Film Festival in 2012, the film society in Canada finally raised their eyes to see who he was. Tushar had long been a player in the film industry by the time of that award, and it only added to a list of others he was racking up from everywhere for his involvement in various social and educational programs. Five years on, his is still a household name in the ever growing South Asian community in Canada’s cities. His name is also synonymous with events surrounding South Asian culture, and his experiences as an immigrant have been picked up by a number of international papers.

But who is Tushar Unadkat? And how did he get so far?

Born in Porbandar, India, (Same town as Mahatma Gandhi’s birthplace) Tushar Unadkat identifies as a South Asian and still maintains the traditions followed in his home province of Gujarat in India. He had his earliest education, including an Applied Arts course from the MS University of Baroda course there before moving to Britain to study Photography at the University of Wolver Hampton. Tushar is also a holder of a Master’s degree design from Scotland's University of Dundee and one of the few people that were chosen to take part in the 2011 Business Edge study program hosted by the world-famous Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto.

The wide range of courses Tushar Unadkat has studied have been his redemption in many ways. They’ve opened his eyes to cultures around the world, allowed him the benefit of travel and given him a chance to meet inspiring people around the world. When he finally settled in Canada in 2004, his wasn’t the typical case of an immigrant because he'd been living in Europe for some time. Tushar first worked as a creative director for a New York based ad agency before landing a job as a production designer, art director and more.

What's current with Tushar?

As of today, he’s the founder of Mukta Advertising, a multinational company specializing in events management, marketing and public relations with offices in four countries. He still works as a film and concert producer, in addition to being the brain behind NouveauIDEA, a platform for self expression and community awareness.

Among his many notable achievements – and he’s got quite a number - is his recent appointment to head the organizing committee for the Festival of South Asia in Canada as part of the Gerrard India Bazaar. With his contribution and magic touch, the festival turned out to be a resounding success, branding him a visionary. The NouveauIDEA platform, which he rightly refers to as one of his proudest achievements, hosts over 8,500 Indian writers and artists working to impart various skills to over 85,000 readers. It’s as new an idea as the name suggests, and its results are starting to show. 

On starting Mukta advertising in 2002, Tushar Unadkat says he found existing company adverts inconsiderate of the South Asian community, and it was lagging behind as a result. His experience at a multicultural advertising agency early in his career sparked his interest in inclusive advertising, later fueling is dreams to start one of his own in Canada.  The company now specializes in marketing to the South Asian community in and outside of Canada, with offices in four European countries and more to come. As a production designer, Tushar has accumulated over 25 film credits, some of which he shares with notable Hollywood directors and editors.

And there's more for applause!

The awards have been rolling in since the very beginning. Tushar Unadkat has been the recipient of the Pride of Gujarat Award, the Mahajati Gujarati Community Award and the Outstanding Popularity Award from the Shree Raghuvanshi Lohana Community in India. He’s been honored with a city council citation by the City of New York and a House of Commons Citation Award for Excellence by the Government of Canada. In 1999, the BBC Asia nominated Tushar Unadkat for their Achievement in Film and Arts” category, marking the start of future nominations from organizations including the Skills for Change Canada, Social Services Networks Canada and more.

Perhaps it’s his contribution to his home community in Canada that makes Tushar Unadkat the icon he is. As an immigrant himself (he moved to Canada in 2004), Tushar has been at the forefront of helping new arrivals settle in Canada easily by sharing his experiences, sharing resources and offering advice. He’s a regular guest on radio shows in the area and regularly participates in community programs, all of which explain the Community Awards he receives. As a successful immigrant, Tushar Unadkat is a beacon of hope for fellow immigrants, and a community icon in many ways. He’s often been asked why he chose to live in Canada instead of all the other countries he’s lived in, and he always praises Canada for its inclusivity in response.

Now as CEO of a major ad agency and with film, fashion and business credits to his name, Tushar Unadkat continues to blaze a trail for young Canadians and South Asian immigrants in particular. He’s the success story that everyone can look up to, and he’s only getting better.